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Lake Manyara National Park, is the third oldest in the fleet of Tanzania National Parks after Serengeti and Arusha. It is located at the base of the escarpment Gregory Rift Valley. It lies near Arusha enroute to Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.  Manyara is known for its tree-climbing lions, large herds of elephants, and is an excellent bird watching hotspot with over 400 spectacular and rare bird species.

Highlights include a thousand of pink-hued flamingo on their perpetual migration, as well as, other large water birds such as pelicans, cormorants and storks.

Apart from spectacular game viewing you will have an unforgettable experience driving between the lakeshore to the east and the escarpment of the Gregory Rift to the west.

The park offers several activities including walking safaris, night game drives, bush lunches, many canopy walkways, board walkways and an incredible hot water spring.

Top Attractions in Lake Manyara National Park

1: Tree Climbing Lions

Lake Manyara National Park is one of the home of Tree Climbing Lions, The behavior of the tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara national park has been explained as a form of protection from irritation of insects biting the lions when they are on the ground. These lions are among the attractions in the national park.Another reason which explains the tree climbing behavior of lions in Lake Manyara national park is that they enjoy a cool breeze from  up in the tree and also get a better view of their surroundings. From up in the trees, the lions are able to also observe their prey in the savannah plains.

2: The Tree-top Canopy Walk

esides the traditional way of viewing wildlife in Lake Manyara National Park, the tree-top canopy walk offers you an opportunity to see other wildlife in yet a unique way. Walking at tree-top height you will be able to see some primates and various birds within the forest.

3: Birds in Lake Manyara

The large number of birds found in Lake Manyara National Parks differs basing on one habitat to another. Often; you will be able to see huge flocks of pelicans and pink flamingoes on the lake, while close to the park borders and floodplains you will enjoys views of many egrets, stilts erons, spoonbills, stalks and other waders. The woodlands equally will reward you with great bird views thanks to the so much water around. But the more interesting species will be viewed in the evergreen forests; for example, crowned eagles, crested guinea fowl and the silvery cheeked hornbills.

4: Wildlife in Lake Manyara

The game in Lake Manyara includes plenty of elephants, wildebeests along with so many giraffes, and buffaloes. In addition, the park is also very famous for its large number of zebras, impalas, warthogs and waterbucks. On the slopes of the escarpment, you may need to search a little hard for the tinny and renowned shy kirk’s dik dik and klipspringe

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