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  • Our experience in the sector with almost 20 years of services
  • Committed to responsible tourism
  • Quality of service
  • Good environmental practices
  • Responsible with the needs and expectations of our travellers
  • Permanent attention 24/7

Our Motto is ”You Dream it, We Plan it”

You can share with us your dreams and we are dedicated to making your trip unforgettable.

We are a locally owned company which allows us to provide you with an authentic experience and share with you the animals, communities and traditions of Tanzania.

You will travel safely and comfortable in our up-to-date 4×4 safari truck with a folding roof. Each truck is equipped with a charging system and refrigerator to keep your drinks cold and food fresh. In addition, we have bean bags available to stabilize your cameras when taking photographs. Each member of your group will have a beautiful window seat to allow for the best views of our special wildlife.

Each of our guides are well versed in the English language and are experts on the wildlife and nature you will enjoy and experience on safari.

As a locally owned and operated company we are invested in our community, especially Ikirwa School, a local English Medium school dedicated to educating the children in the villages in the Midawe area.

Gasper, the founder of Neeko Tours, grew up in the area of Midawe in Arusha and understands how important it is to offer a world class education to all the children in the surrounding community. Ikirwa School opened in 2013 with 7 students and now, in 2022, 204 students are enrolled.

When you book with Neeko Tours you also help Ikirwa School to grow and develop. It is also possible to visit the school during your stay here in Arusha.


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